How to Play Flee the facility is a Survival game made by a ROBLOX player. The game resolves under the condition where there is one beast, and the r is the survivors. Survivors have to flee the facility in the game and then hack the computers to escape.

The beast can knock all the survivors down and capture them all to win the game. The beast can knock them out with different hammers that are available and can be easily purchased.

The beast and survivors both provided a few of the gadgets in the space, which they can use against each other. 

So here, we have prepared an easy-to-understand guide for anyone willing to play the game. 

By reading below, you will get to know how to flee the facility on your computer.

Here we are starting from the briefing about ” How to play Flee The Facility?” We’ll be covering the topics related to excellent tools available within the game that raise the bars.

Go ahead and learn how to play the game on the fingers tip.

How to Play Flee The Facility How to Play Flee The Facility How to Play Flee The Facility

How to Play Flee The Facility?

Flee the Facility is a game that consists of Survival and the beast. Both of them have different controls on How to Play Flee the game.

How to Play Flee: roblox

Read down below to know a tailed guide of the game.

How to Play Flee The Facility How to Play Flee The Facility


First, when you open the game, then you will get the default animated characters.


then there will be maps available in the game, and one has to choose one out of them. There are three maps to choose from, but the one that gets the most vote will run.


after that, press the button down to start the game. As the game loads, it gives the player the role of breast and survival.


The game starts with the computer with a blue screen in the front. The survival has to hack the laptop. After hacking it, the screen of the laptop becomes green.


At the starting of the game, survival starts from any random room and has a seconds map to search the computer to hack.
The number of computers that are needed to hack depends on the players that are playing.


The survival needs their best to hack all the computers. The survivor can long press the E button after reaching the computer, and the hacking procedure starts.


The hacking procedures take a long time, and one must not move while downloading. If the survival moves in between hacking, then the screen will become red and show an error after that player needs to hack the computer again.


After hacking all the computers, the survival has two escape gates. It takes less than a minute to open the gate without noise. One has to escape through the gate by hiding the beast.


the beast starts its game with its own space from which it is soon sent to the map. As the beast lands on the map, his part is to find the survivors and capture all of them by knocking them out.

The beast has to knock them down with his hammer and their capture. The red symbol of error is visible to the beast; to find survival faster after knocking them up one needs to tie them with rope.

How to Use Hammer in Flee The Facility?

Hammer is the weapon that is given to the beast. The beast takes the help of the hammer to knock down all the players.

How to Play Flee: Hammer in Flee The Facility

The beast will get it from the start of the game. One can easily use the hammer in the computer by pressing the left click on the mouse.

How to Crouch in Flee The Facility on Computer?

Crouch is the moment that the survivors lay down on the floor to escape from the down walls. To crouch will help the survival crawl down to the Grey – colored underneath walls where the beast can not go.

How to Play Flee: Crouch in Flee The facility on Computer

To crouch on the computer, one needs to press the shift button on the keyboard.

How to Crawl in Flee The Facility  on Computer?

The crawling is similar to crouching in the game. The crawling is when the survival lies on the floor and moves toward the nearest underground grey walls where the beast can not come.

The survivor can crawl easily by pressing the shift button on the keyboard.

How to Put Rope on Flee The Facility?

To capture all the players in the game, the beast needs to knock them down with the hammer and then tie them with rope. As the survival is being knocked down from the hammering, they are roped down.

How to Play Flee: Put Rope On Flee The Facility

The beast can now drag them to the nearest frozen pond and, by pressing E on the keyboard, he can freeze to death.


How do you use the Hammer to flee the facility on a laptop?

Hammer is the powerful weapon of the beast. With the hammer, one can knock- down the survivors and put them in the freeze pod to die.

The hammer can easily be used in the laptop by clicking the left button of the mouse.

How do you put a rope to flee the facility?

The beast needs to knock do survivals and drag them to the nearest freeze pod by ripping them. One can easily knock them by hammering through the left-click and put them in the freeze pod by pressing the E button keyboard board to freeze them to death.

How old do you have to be to play at the facility?

Flee The Facility is the game for everyone above 9 Stars. It is restricted to play below that because of the fantasy violence it emits.

Flee The Facility is a fantastic game where many survivors try to escape the facility while the single beast has to find them and knock them down with his hammer.