So what’s up guys, today I am going to show you some Roblox Script Executor which is free to download. Many of you guys are looking for this thing and here we are up with it.

Here we have covered up with some of the Paid and Free Roblox Script Executor from which you can get the idea of each one and then choose best according to that.

We have chosen a bunch of popular and Working Script Executor available on the internet and brought you up here in a combined form that would be easy for anyone to understand and compare between them.

There are many Types of Roblox Script Executor available on the internet. Some are paid and some are free. And those that are paid also come at different prices like some are much cheaper than others and provide nearly the same experience as a premium one.

It becomes a problem for users to choose a best suited Script Executor for their game. And many want them for free also.

So here we have done a lot of research, tested and played each and every Script Executor now came up with our report in this article. Kindly go through this one which will help you a lot.

First of all, let us take a basic look at What is Roblox Script Executor and what is its purpose in the game.

What is Roblox Script Executor?

First, let us know what are script executors? In simple words, we can say that a script executor is a software that is used to run scripts/programs in any other target software.

The job of a script executor is to perform particular tasks by running certain programming codes in the software as every code requires a platform to run and execute.

Now you have got the central idea of Script Executor as well. Roblox Script Executor is used to run certain codes to make desired changes in the Roblox game.

This is the best way to play Roblox with more fun or in a more desired way and also not being unfair with any other player.There are two types of executors.

Paid Executors and Free Executors. Today we will talk about both of them because free executors are less powerful but they have all the things you need to start exploiting and having fun. Let’s take a look at the list of Roblox Script Executors which are covered further.

List of Best Roblox Script Executor

  • Sentinel
  • Script Ware V2
  • Sirhurt V4
  • Proto Master
  • JJSploit
  • Krnl
  • Proxo

These are some of the Best Working Roblox Script Executor available. Each has its own characteristics. These are not arranged according to their rank. The choices may vary from person to person. 

Now let us take a look at each of them so you can decide the Best Script Executor among them.

Sentinel Roblox Script Executor

Sentinel Script Executor allows the user to run their scripts in a secured environment and very simple UI. It could be great for beginners to start using script executors due to their simple interface.

Sentinel Roblox Script Executor
Sentinel Roblox Script Executor


  • Quick Processing in exploiting codes
  • Easy Password Reset


  • It includes various Libraries (Drawing Library, Input-Output Library, Hooking Library)
  • Provide you External UI support.


Script Ware V2 Roblox Script Executor

This is one of the powerful Roblox Script Executor Mac. It allows you to run your scripts in a complete, fast and stable manner. This one is basically for macOS and supports all the latest M1 processors.

Script Ware V2 Roblox Script Executor
Script Ware V2 Roblox Script Executor

Its new version also supports Windows. So choose according to your platform.


  • Best for professionals with all premium tools for your execution
  • Function with a powerful Executor for fast injection for your codes


  • Provides you with a Friend Centre where you can share your script with your friends.
  • External UI support with full customisation option.
  • Includes Various Libraries (Input Library, Environment Library, Network Library, Console Library, File system Library, Instance Saving Library,  Profile Library, Input Library, Cache Library)

PRICE: – ‘Script-Ware M’ for macOS $12.99
PRICE: – ‘Script-Ware’ for Windows $19.99

You can buy both of them at $30 (after discount)

Sirhurt V4 Roblox Script Executor

Sirhurt V4 is a powerful exploit available at a cheap price of only $10. Though this is not that stable as it crashes sometimes.

Sirhurt V4 Roblox Script Executor
Sirhurt V4 Roblox Script Executor

If that is not the problem then one could go for it as it is best for beginners and also those who don’t want to spend much and get nearly the same fun as the other costly Script Executors. Functions of SirHurt Script Executor are.


  • Friendly API for easy operation
  • Easy Setup
  • GUI Protection


  • Useful Library like Debug Library, Drawing Library
  • Cheap in the price for mid-range users

PRICE: – $10

ProtoSmasher Roblox Script Executor

ProtoSmasher Script Executor can be said as one step ahead of Sirhurt V4. It also provides you with lots of features at a cheap price.

Proxo Roblox Script Executor
Proxo Roblox Script Executor

Its main advantage is that it always remains undetectable in the system and performs its work fine with script execution.


  • Uses ImGUI which makes it undetectable
  • Vast Script Library


  • Fast and Secure
  • Ban proof

PRICE: – $15

JJSploit Roblox Script Executor

Now, let us also take a look at a Free Roblox Script Executor. JJSploit Script Executor provides lots of features at no cost. It has a simple interface that is best suited for learners and also for those who want an effective Executor without spending money.

JJSploit Roblox Script Executor
JJSploit Roblox Script Executor

It is free of cost but the main problem is it is not as stable as other paid Executors. That’s why it depends on your choice whether you want a paid stable Executor or this one. But be sure, it will not give that much bad experience. It is good for learners.


  • Simple to operate and function any task
  • Directly apply the characteristic without writing any code


  • It features lots of things like teleport, high jump.
  • Free and effective tool

Krnl Roblox Script Executor

Here is another Free Script Executor. Krnl Script Executor It is an alternative to JJSploit which doesn’t crash much. It has most of the features of the paid executors and is slightly better than JJSploit.

Krnl Roblox Script Executor
Krnl Roblox Script Executor


  • Runs complex codes
  • Directly apply the feature without writing any code
  • Functions more effectively than JJSploit in some devices


  • Supports useful libraries like drawing library, debug library
  • Free and effective in lengthy codes as well

Proxo Roblox Script Executor

Proxo Script Executor is also an alternative to JJSploit. It works on the latest version and has lots of features. It is very handy and also free to download.

ProtoSmasher Roblox Script Executor
ProtoSmasher Roblox Script Executor

It offers the latest scripts for the Roblox game which you can try as well.

  • Can run complex codes
  • Simple UI and one-click operations given
  • Many premium libraries are available for free.
  • Nearly do most of the tasks which is done by paid Executors only.


That’s all the available Best Roblox Script Executor. There are many more which we have not covered here due to the reason that they are not working now or they are not safe and trustworthy.

So, now you can choose among them according to your requirement and they are all perfect in some or the other aspects. We have covered all the Paid and Free Roblox Script Executor 2021.

Also, the thing to note is that all exploits are detected as a virus by your computer. This is normal because exploits need to be injected into Roblox and all the injections are detected as fishy by your computer.

The exploits we have used here are 100% safe and tested. Finally, I want to say that don’t fall for the “paid exploit cracks” since there are no cracks for paid exploits and most of them are real viruses.


What is the best free Roblox script executor?

From all the free executors, Krnl can be considered as the Best Roblox Script Executor among many of them because it doesn’t crash much and provides lots of features.

Is Sk8r executor safe?

Sk8r is treated as a virus in Windows defender because it is an exploit but it is completely safe.

Is JJSploit a script executor?

Yes, JJSploit is a very common script executor as it is also free to download.

Is there a script executor?

Yes, there are lots of script executors. We have mentioned some of the best out of them here in this article which you can go through.