Do you want to be at the top of the Roblox Tower of hell? Or want to know how to fly in the tower of hell?

Then, here’s the deal for you. Stick around this article and explore the fun features of game .

Basically it is a fun-loving Roblox game amongst youngsters. But why do they love to play it all the day and night.

Well, this game has fantastic features in it, which make it so appealing to all the players out there.

It has multiple leaderboards available that if you play a little, you can find your name on one of those pretty cool leaderboards.

Plus, the shop provides players with a lot of accessories and power-ups.

Basically, This is a round-based lobby game created by PyxlDev and ObrenTune of EXCeptional Studios.

The game’s primary purpose is to extend the top of a randomly generated building that resets every eight-minute round. Usually, when a player obtains a top position at the tower before the timer resets, they speed up the timer. 

In short, it’s a hobby game, an obstacle course game that you need to clear in order to complete. 

Let’s look at the list of features that the roblox tower of hell offers.

Roblox Tower of Hell Fun Features

As I have mentioned above The game’s primary purpose is to reach the top of a randomly generated tower that resets every eight-minute round. 

Roblox Tower of Hell High Jump ⚡ Unlimited Money Script 2021
Roblox Tower of Hell High Jump ⚡ Unlimited Money Script 2021

Well, if you use some roblox hacks and cracks then it can be completed in no time. 

Below I have mentioned some of the hack modes that will give you enormous power inside the roblox tower of hell.

Time Freeze

This mode freezes the time. And then you no longer need to worry about the time limit.

God Mode

God Mode makes you the God of The Game by providing you never-ending health.

Field Of View

This mode lets take an overall look at the tower by just standing still.

Custom Walk speed

 This mode increases your character walking speed.

Custom Jump power

This mode gives you the power to jump as high as you want.

Custom Gravity

This mode lets you escape gravity and prevents you from falling down.


This mode reset the Time whenever you want.

Robox Tower of Hell Script Infinite Jump

What if I tell you that you can clear within a second. You may be wondering what the hell he is talking about? It’s not possible to clear the all the stages within a second. 

Well, yes, it is possible to climb to the top by jumping at once. As some many hacks and scripts make a pro in no time. 

There are unlimited scripts to generate unlimited money. And below, I have mentioned one of those. 

So, Use this Roblox Tower of Hell Unlimited Money Script link and do some cool stuff and win in instant Goodies.

Earn 2X Faster Cash in Flee The Facility

Roblox Tower of Hell Gears

Tower of Hell Gears are equipped items that change your gameplay. There are 6 different types of gear you can buy in the shop. But the gears only last only for one round.

The gears are given below:

Gravity Coil

Makes you jump higher and falls slow

Speed Coil

Makes you move faster

Fusion Coil

Makes you jump higher and move faster


Places down paths to jump on. The paths last for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 8 seconds.


Freezes every moving part in every section, including conveyors. It can be turned on and off at any time.


Allows you to hook onto something or someone and swing or stop. The rope will snap if it stretches too far.

For more details about the gears, you check out WebSite.


  1. Does the Tower of Hell give you Robux?

    No, but you can win coins, the main currency in Tower of hell, and by using them you can buy mutators, gears, and effects from the shop

  2. What happens when you beat the Tower of hell?

    By beating the tower of hell you win coins, a currency that can be spent on buying gears and mutators alongside you will also gain levels that can be used to upgrade gears in the skill tree.

  3. Is Tower of Hell easy?

    It is easy for more experienced players but for new ones it can be hard.

  4. Can you get banned from the Tower of hell

    Yes, you can get banned from the tower of hell. If you are involved in some mischievous activities.